FJC Europe FJC Europe

European Alliance
for Hope and

There is A BETTER WAY to give extra hope to each victim of domestic violence…
The European Family Justice Center Alliance aims to develop and support local
Family Justice Centers all over Europe that help victims and their children find
all services they need in ONE PLACE: medical professionals, caretakers, counselors,
advocates, prosecutors, police officers and others.


The EFJCA works out and develops a range of products, to support the members in the development of high-quality multi-agency work and FJCs.

The products, already available and/or in development, contain:

  • Sustainable cross professional and cross country network
  • Yearly conference
  • How to start a FJC support
  • Trainings and instruments on a range of methodologies and products (Ace, Hope, Strangulation, Moral Deliberation, e.o.)
  • Support in creating a business plan for a FJC
  • Coordination of a buddy system between FJC’s and/or existing and new FJC/Multi Agency initiatives
  • Input on social media promoting the FJC movement, key activities and products
  • Webinars on topics of interest for the members on high-quality multi agency
  • Up-to-date calendar with events
  • Support in ‘how to work with volunteers in a FJC/multi-agency approach
  • Framework for environmental scans for partners in the process of developing and structuring a FJC