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Family Justice Center

There is A BETTER WAY to give extra hope to each victim of domestic violence…
The European Family Justice Center Alliance aims to develop and support local
Family Justice Centers all over Europe that help victims and their children find
all services they need in ONE PLACE: medical professionals, caretakers, counselors,
advocates, prosecutors, police officers and others.

European FJC’s

> Veilig Thuis Midden-Brabant (the Netherlands, Tilburg)
> Foundation G.B. Guzzetti (Italy, Milan)
> Berlin Initiative Against Violence towards Women (Germany, Berlin)
> Women’s Right Center (Poland, Warsaw)
> FJC Antwerpen (Belgium, Antwerp)
> FJC Limburg (Belgium, Hasselt/Genk)
> Foyle Women’s Aid (Northern Ireland, Derry)
> Koncept Karin (Sweden, Malmö)
> FJC Mechelen (Belgium, Mechelen)
> FJC Reykjavik (Iceland, Reykjavik)