FJC Europe FJC Europe

European Alliance
for Hope and

There is A BETTER WAY to give extra hope to each victim of domestic violence…
The European Family Justice Center Alliance aims to develop and support local
Family Justice Centers all over Europe that help victims and their children find
all services they need in ONE PLACE: medical professionals, caretakers, counselors,
advocates, prosecutors, police officers and others.

Our Members and our Partners

The EFJCA has 40 members in 22 European countries. The EFJCA has partnerships with 7 international networks and organisations.

Members of the EFJCA are Family Justice Centers, affiliated multi-agency centers, organisations working/active in the field of gender based, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence and organisations and professionals with interest in the activities and products of the EFJCA, subscribing the guiding principles of the network.

The members and partners have an interest and/or are involved in the development of quality standard multi-agency work based on the needs of victims of violence as subscribed, and take part in the activities, network, exchange and development of the good methodologies by the EFJCA.

The EFJCA has currently members in Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK.

The EFJCA stimulates a “cross professions” network, with exchange and joint ventures with organisations and experts from various sectors: police, justice, women’s aid, victim services, child advocacy, perpetrator programs, health and mental health sector, social services, personal support projects, youth services, income support and employment services, municipal services, research centers, universities, local authorities, national authorities, …


The EFJCA is open for membership applications and partnerships: see How to become a member.