FJC Europe FJC Europe

European Alliance
for Hope and

There is A BETTER WAY to give extra hope to each victim of domestic violence…
The European Family Justice Center Alliance aims to develop and support local
Family Justice Centers all over Europe that help victims and their children find
all services they need in ONE PLACE: medical professionals, caretakers, counselors,
advocates, prosecutors, police officers and others.

Our Alliance

The EFJCA is a legal entity and the officially recognized network of the Family Justice Centers and affiliated multi-agency models in Europe. It promotes the FJC model and provides a central platform for its members. The EFJCA reaches out to all organisations and networks working in the field of gender based, domestic, sexual violence and child abuse. As an umbrella organization the EFJCA exchanges knowledge, experiences and good practices among its members.

The EFJCA provides the members with customized tools, specialized methodologies and on-the-job-training, which leads to continuous improvement of the Centers and helps them to create better resources for victims of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual violence.

The vision of the EFJCA is to develop a safe place for victims of gender based, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual violence in all European countries and regions. A place where:

  • All the needs of the victims are met
  • The violence stops
  • Safety is assured
  • Empowerment is increased
  • Children are protected
  • Hope and perspective is realized
  • Perpetrators are held accountable
  • And we all work together
The mission of the EFJCA is to create pathways to hope for victims and their families through high-quality, collaborative, integrated and multidisciplinary centers, teams and initiatives. The EFJCA is driven by the voice of victims, in all its activities.

The Alliance has a close cooperation with the U.S. Alliance for HOPE International, which is the founder of the Family Justice Center model, and has virtually the same core principles. The cooperation between the two Alliances is defined in a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in September 2016.