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European Alliance
for Hope and

We are the European Network of multidisciplinary approach
of genderbased, domestic violence and child abuse and
Family Justice Centers

Children (EN)


Read each item carefully. For each sentence, please think about how you are in most situations. Using the scale shown below, please select the number that best describes YOU and put that number in the blank provided. There are no right or wrong answers.

Your Hope Score

Your Total Hope Score is: xt

HOPE is the sum of the 6 answers. Scores can range from a low of 6 to a high of 36.

Your Willpower Score is: xa

Your willpower is about your mental energy to reach your goal. If you are low in willpower (agency), you need to focus on how to surround yourself with people that can encourage and support you.

Your Waypower Score is:xp

Your waypower is the capacity to find pathways to your goals. If you are low in waypower (pathways), you need to connect with people to help you think strategically about ways to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.