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International EFJCA cross-professional meeting

On the 3th of July the EFJCA will organize an on-line international EFJCA cross-professional meeting with the title: Hidden Women. The EFJCA has invited guest-speaker Shantie Jagmohansingh to tell the participants more about the situation of “hidden” women.

The meeting will take place from 14.30-16.30 CEST (Central European Time = UTC +2). The 2-hour meeting is interactive and like last year we will besides a plenary part also use break-out rooms.

Hidden women

Hidden women are women who are forced to live in isolation by in-laws and/or their partners. Their freedom of movement is restricted, they are not or seldom allowed to go outside.

In the first part of the meeting guest-speaker Shantie Jagmohansingh will explore with the participants the situation of “hidden” women. Shantie is a writer, theater maker, columnist, storytelling fashionista and a creative public administrator. Central in all her work is the power of stories, imagination and the impact of words.

Make invisible stories visible

She loves to make invisible stories visible and has a soft spot for the 'underdog and the silent heroines'. Because they often carry the most beautiful and powerful stories with them. Themes such as identity, diversity, women's rights and emancipation are often central to her work.

It is her passion to improve the position of girls and women worldwide. She is the author of 'De Kier', a captivating novel born of the tragic death of the young Zafira Khan in Rotterdam. The theme of domestic violence, particularly the problem of hidden women, is central without being presented raw.

Sharing experiences and knowledge

In the second part participants are invited in chatrooms to exchange, to get to know colleagues from different regions, countries and centers and to discuss topics and points of interest with each other. It’s a great opportunity to get to know people with the same mission and passion about tackling gender-based violence and domestic violence, to share your good practices and to learn from other participants.

There are no costs associated with participation and the used language is English. A video-link of the meeting will be send to those who have registered shortly before the cross-profession meeting.


To participate: please register here