FJC Europe Funded by the EU FJC Europe

European Alliance
for Hope and

We are the European Network of multidisciplinary approach
of genderbased, domestic violence and child abuse and
Family Justice Centers

Our Team

  • Bert Groen, President
  • Pascale Franck, Vice-president
  • Davy Simons, Secretary
  • Lienja van Eijkern, member
  • Dries Wijckmans, member
  • Sander Ligthart, member

External Trainers-Advisors

  • Dan Dullberger, family dynamics
  • Valerie Swennen, police-officer
  • Gijs Simons, casemanagment
  • James Henderson, director of Offender Accountability for the National S. Training Institute on StrangulationPrevention.
  • Chan Hellman, Professor of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma and Director of The Hope Research Center. Chan Hellman’s research is focused on HOPE as a psychological strength helping children and adults overcome trauma and adversity.
  • Willem Beckers, Counseler at Interactie-Academy, institute for systemic training and therapy. Expertise: highly dependent (young) adults and family violence.
  • Dr. Elise Geuens, expertise: non-fatal Strangulation & Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Dr. Cath White, expertise: non-fatal Strangulation & Sexual Assault.
  • Dr Leo Pas, expertise: multidisciplinary approach of gender-based and domestic violence from the health practitioners view