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SafeShelter Kick-off Meeting

February 18, 2021

On the 18th of February the SafeShelter Kick-off Meeting took place. All project partners were present and after welcome and introductions all the project work packages, and relevant topics were jointly discussed.

Goal of the meeting

The goal of the Kick-off meeting was besides discussions and possible clarifications about the project goals, objectives and activities, also to learn more each other’s background, work and responsibilities in the project. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the meeting was held online though a zoom meeting.

Project partners

The project partners are: Psytel (France), Frauenhäuser (Austria), Gesine (Germany), Conexus (Spain) and the EFJCA (Netherlands/Belgium).

Each workpackage leader provided an individual presentation about the content and their responsibility. Work package 1 was done by the Association AÖF and they shared everything regarding the ‘Project management and coordination’. In work package 2 Conexus als package leader shared the objectives and main activities within their topic ‘Establishing Mother & Child Advisory Panels in the implementation countries’.

Psytel as leader of work package 3 provided an overview of the deliverables in the ‘Design and implementation of the child safeguarding policies for shelters’.

Finally the EFJCA, responsible for ‘Dissemination and Evaluation’, shared their deliverables and activities. The EFJCA also launched the framework for an website and suggested to create a separate SafeShelter webpage on the already existing EFJCA website.

At the end of the meeting the new date for the second SafeShelter partner meeting was set.