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SafeShelter 3rd Partner Meeting

July 6, 2021

On July 6 the third SafeShelter Partner Meeting took place. As the two previous meeting this meeting was also held online. The agenda was dominated by reviewing the actions points and a review of the interview outcomes and the presentation of the ‘Communication and Dissemination Plan’ developed by the EFJCA.

All deliverables per work package

During the meeting the project coordinator AÖF, represented by Alicja Switon, reviewed all deliverables per work package and discussed the content of the first technical meeting, to be held on Month 10 (planned for 28 and 29.10.2021). Within the framework of work package 2 all partners provided updates on the progress and preliminary results of the interviews.

Train-the-trainer Guide

The main outcome was that not all interviews were already finished, mainly due to COVID-19 restrictions in the participating countries, but that the overall conclusion was justified that the total number of interviews almost certainly will be achieved.

Psytel as responsible partner for work package 3 provided an update on the progress of the relevant activities, like the planning and content of the Train-the-trainer Guide.

Communication and Dissemination Plan

Within work package 4 the EFJCA shared with all partners the ‘Communication and Dissemination Plan’ and explained the content and relevance of sharing the outcomes and other relevant issues through the existing SafeShelter webpage.