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Visit delegation from Cyprus to EFJCA and FJC Antwerp

June 30, 2019

Earlier this month a group of professionals and representatives of the ministry in Cyprus, responsible for the approach of domestic violence, visited for 2-days the EFJCA in Antwerp. Reason for their visit was to learn more about the FJC model and effective approaches/methodologies.

On the first day the participants, mrs. Susana Pavlou, mr. Costas Veis, mrs. Chara Tapanidou, mrs. Nicoletta Renco, mrs. Valentina Mina and mr. Andri Andronikou visited the Family Justice Center in Antwerp and learned more about the operational activities of the center and the way it’s implemented. The second day the group visited the FJC Limburg. At the end of the visit the participants shared all their impressions and questions with the EFJCA staff.