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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Report of the Masterclass ‘Intimate Terror, Coercive Control and 8 steps to homicide, and non-fatal strangulation: a complex and dangerous situation’

The main focus 1-day Masterclass for professionals from police, justice (procuratorate, judges, criminologists) and employees & partner organizations of the Family Justice Centers in Flanders was on the dynamics and impact of Intimate terror and non-fatal strangulation.

During the masterclass the international experts shared their knowledge on how these forms of violence can be recognized, revealed, questioned and examined. Also the role of the different professions (police, justice, care, victim support, medical/health care)were discussed.

Over 175 professionals attended the masterclass.

Downloads/Hand-outs Masterclass

Presentations of speakers

Margot Taeymans, federale overheidsdienst Justitie in België.
Femicide, nieuwe wetgeving in België (NL)

Catherine White, forensic doctor and medical director of the Institute for Addressing Strangulation & the Sexual Offence Medicine Lead for the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine, UK.
Non-fatal Strangulation (EN)

Jane Monckton-Smith, Expert in Femicide & Coercive Control. Developed the ‘Homicide Timeline’, an 8-step plan in the process of intimate terror & coercive control. Author of ‘In Control: Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder’
In Control: Dangerous relationships and how they end in murder (EN)

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