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Newsletter from FJC Mechelen, Belgium

April 29, 2022

FJC Mechelen has published a new edition of "FJC Mechelen Today", a digital newsletter that gives you an insight into the daily operation of the Family Justice Center. “FJC Mechelen Today” is published twice a year.

The newsletter describes a number of current activities and each time let a few FJC partners speak.

In this edition:

  • Judge Suzy Vanhoonacker on the plans for an IFG succession chamber
  • Chief Inspector Rutger Wils about the IFG approach in the Berlaar-Nijlen police zone
  • Elien, experience expert and volunteer in the FJC
  • Katrien Monsecour, FJC director and supervisor of peer groups
  • Inspiration evening for fellow sufferers – telling is recovery