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Maison d’Ella (FJC at Bordeaux) was honored with a prize by the Legion d’Honneur

March 5, 2021

Together with Marie Christine Renedau, Maison d’Ella was honored and we received a prize by the Comité de la Légion d’honneur Bordeaux-Centre, during a moving ceremony. Marie Christine, survivor of domestic violence, owns a 100% artisanal bakery in Bordeaux.

Tackling domestic violence

As survivor she engaged committed in tackling domestic violence to help other victims to get out of the situation. To mark her commitment to Maison d’Ella, the FJC in Bordeaux, she imagined last November a solidarity operation for La Maison d'Ella. She created a bread in the shape of a black ribbon, and the sales profits were donated to the work of Maison d’Ella.