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Maison d’Ella (FJC at Bordeaux) produced a photo exhibition in public space

March 8, 2021

Maison d'Ella produced a beautiful photographic exhibition as part of a European Eramus project, with the PHOTOVOICE action research method. Seven women, welcomed at the Maison d'Ella, have been preparing since December for a photo exhibition in the public space to be discovered from Monday, March 8.

They tell their story and reach out to the public

Josée, Julina, Awatef, Satoucha, Mariame, J.O., MFaz’Ounyama have fled their country, lived through sexual mutilation, assault, betrayal and are rebuilding themselves with the help and support of Maison d’Ella. Through the photo exhibition they tell their story and reach out to the public to be aware of violence against women and to victims, to find the help they need.

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