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European Crime Prevention Conference, Brussels Belgium

April 29, 2022

The EFJCA provided a workshop in the sessions "targeted approaches of domestic violence" of the European Crime Prevention conference organized by the EUCPN (European Crime Prevention Netwerk). The European Crime Prevention Conference (April 28 and 29) is the biennial conference of the EUCPN and offers a forum to share knowledge and experiences regarding crime prevention across the European Union.

The EUCPN welcomes policymakers, practitioners and academics, but maintains a consistent focus on the front line. The main topic of 2022 = partnership approaches in crime prevention: co-production of security, partnership approaches, multi-agency crime prevention,… The ideal of working together to make society a safer place is shared by many. But collaborations also present challenges. How to identify the right partners? Who takes the lead? Which information is shared with whom? And how do we make it all work in view of every partner's mandate and competences?

European Family Justice Centers
The EFJCA brought the experiences and knowledge of the European Family Justice Centers as model for integrated multidisciplinary approach of gender based violence and domestic violence.