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13th International Conference of Centre Dardedze (Latvia)

October 26, 2022

The EFJCA provided a workshop during the 13th International Conference of Center Dardedze in Latvia. The presentation focused on the practices of a multidisciplinary approach to working with families where child abuse has occurred.

Importance of trauma-informed care

The EFJCA provided a workshop on multidisciplinary approaches and the importance of trauma-informed care for families and children. Topics covered: the importance of safety plans, fundamental principles of multidisciplinary cooperation, adverse experiences of children and their impact, trauma-informed care and child-friendly approaches.

Target audience

The target audience were pre-school and schoolteachers, social workers, psychologists, orphan’s court workers, crisis center workers, out-of-family care professionals, foster families, police officers, and other child protection professionals and decision-makers.

580 professionals took part of the conference online.

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