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Wednesday 22 November 2023

Report of the masterclass/conference 'Care & Safety connect to prevent violence'. (Zorg & Veiligheid verbinden om geweld te voorkomen)

On November 22 the EFJCA, together with Filomena (Center for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Rotterdam Rijnmond), Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital, the FARR (Forensic Doctors Rotterdam Rijnmond) and the Center for Sexual Violence (CSG) Rotterdam Rijnmond, organized the 1-day masterclass/conference 'Care & Safety connect to prevent violence'.

The central focus was on connecting insights from both the domains of care and safety. Important knowledge that professionals need in the fight against femicide was also shared.

Over 200 professionals attended the masterclass/conference live and over 125 attended online.

The event can be viewed via the following link:


Downloads/Hand-outs Masterclass

Presentations of speakers

Richard Korver, lawyer and author of ‘Right to Speak: victims in the Dutch criminal process' and co-author of 'Close to home: how do you support a child after sexual abuse?' Domestic violence versus undermining: David against Goliath! (Huiselijk geweld versus ondermijning. David tegen Goliath!

  • Presentation (link)

Jane Monckton-Smith, Expert in Femicide & Coercive Control. Developed the ‘Homicide Timeline’, an 8-step plan in the process of intimate terror & coercive control. Author of ‘In Control: Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder’ In Control: Dangerous relationships and how they end in murder (EN)

Bert Groen, president EFJCA He choked me and left no marks: non-fatal strangulation

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