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5th International EFJCA-conference: 15th, 16th and 17th of March 2023

Uur 5th International EFJCA-conference will be held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March 2023, in Antwerp, Belgium.

15th of March: ‘Child to Parent Violence’

With several distinguished key-note speakers and a choice of workshops. Key-notes by:

  • Prof. Dan Dulberger, internationally acknowledged instructor and innovator in the Non-Violent Resistance therapy approach and the NVR interventions
  • Willem Beckers, systemic psychotherapist at Interactie-Academie, specialist in domestic violence, particularly child-to-parent violence
  • Yana Demeyere, PHD researcher at the VUB, University of Brussels, on child tot parent violence

The several workshops, by specialists from Ireland, Belgium and Canada will provide insights and tools to develop and embed the approach on child-to-parent-violence.

16th of March: ‘Trauma and Hope’

Key-notes on Trauma and Hope will be brought by:

  • Prof Chan Hellman, Professor of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma and Director of The Hope Research Center
  • Josefin Grände, licensed psychotherapist specialised in crisis and trauma, Prolonged Exposure (trauma-focused cbt) and affect-focused therapy (AEDP).
  • The Circus school El Fuego will talk about their experiences with working with children and youngsters on restoring Hope through circus techniques.

There are several workshops, by specialists from the USA, Sweden and Belgium, will focus on how to restore hope in lives of victims traumatized by violence in their homes, relationships and families.

17th of March: Masterclasses

Two Masterclasses are provided, to deepen knowledge and skills in working in the topics of the conference:

  • Child-to-parent violence, by Dan Dulberger and Willem Beckers
  • Trauma and Hope, the next step, by Chan Hellman

There will be also the opportunity to subscribe for a learning and experiencing visit at the Circus School El Fuego on the 17th of March, to get more insight in their work with Hope for children and youngsters.

On the 15th of March there will be the possibility to subscribe for a visit at the Family Justice Center Antwerp and for the EFJCA network meeting.

The conference is offered in person and online. The masterclasses are in person.

For specific questions please email us: board@efjca.eu