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2021-2023 start Project ‘Circus Hoop’

December 11, 2020

The Belgian organisation Ell Circo dell Fuego wants to introduce a new, scientifically based method for children to deal with the effects of negative experiences in their childhood. In collaboration with the partners FJC Antwerp, the city of Antwerp, Ondersteboven/Arktos and the EFJCA they started the project ‘Circus Hoop’.

The goals of the project are:

Developing and offering a new form of work for and with children and young people in situations of intra-family violence

Physical movement has also been shown to have a profound impact on people's emotional and psychological well-being. Circus can have a strong effect on many different areas in the (self) experience of young people. Based on the moto 'in the Circus, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something', we work in a unique, safe situation to create a safe environment for vulnerable young people and to arrive at an individual and a social learning path, without the need for a ' school or (therapeutic ') environment may appear.

The start-up of a "Camp Hope

This concept of multi-day camps has grown in the United States. Hope is very important in this. Hope is the belief that you have a better future and that you yourself have a large share in it. Hope is an important - scientifically validated - mechanism for dealing with trauma and has a positive effect on mental well-being.

  • Their general principles are:
  • Every child or young person is "seen" (All are seen)
  • Children and young people are "heard", their voice counts (Voices are heard)
  • Choices will matter (Choices will matter)
  • Collaboration is a "must" (Collaboration is a must)
  • New paths are explored
  • We try to rectify skewed situations (Wrong things are made right)
  • A generational cycle is broken (A generational cycle is broken)
  • There is hope! (HOPE is given)

In the United States, Camp Hope grew out of the Family Justice Centers (FJC), a so-called “one-stop-shop” model where victims of domestic violence can find specialized assistance and services.