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SafeShelter-project completed

December 15, 2022

The SafeShelter project, EU co-funded 2-year project (2021/2022), has been completed. The project offers a range of products to develop and implement procedures and guidelines to provide safety for children in women's shelters.

A child safeguarding policy in women's shelter describes how the specific shelter and staff will respond to any concerns related to child safety, in the best interest of the children, inside as well as outside of its premises.

SafeShelter Guide

The project was coordinated by AÖF, the Austrian Women Shelter Network, in collaboration with European Family Justice Center Alliance (EFJCA) and the organizations Psytel (France), Gesine (Germany) and Conexus (Spain).

Within the project the SafeShelter Guide has been developed to assist staff in women's shelters who offer (crisis) care to female victims of gender-based violence and their children. It's a reference document that readers can use when they need guidance on various aspects of Child Safeguarding in women's shelters, with the best interests of the child as the focus.

4 short videos

Besides the Guide 4 short videos have been developed in 4 languages (German, English, French and Spanish), each focusing on a different theme. They clearly show how safety can be realized for children in the shelter and what this means for the children, the mothers and the professionals working in the shelters.

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