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Dutch national newspaper publishes interview with the 2 founders of Fier, one of FJCs in the Netherlands

November 14, 2023

Saturday 11 November published ‘de Volkskrant’ a 3-page interview with Linda Terpstra and Anke van Dijke, the founders of the national expertise and treatment center for everyone who has (had) to deal with violence in dependency relations.

Vision and approach

Their view and belief is that if you really want to help victims/survivors of violence, you have to tackle all underlying problems as much as possible at the same time. Offering them comprehensive support with the focus on multidisciplinary cooperation with all relevant organisations/professionals and on all life domains, a holistic approach. A vision and approach that is completely in line with the European Family Justice Center Alliance.

Effective and successful

Linda and Anke share their many years of experiences and the challenges they have encountered on their path, identifying again and again major social problems at an early stage, But above all they show how, despite all obstacles, it is possible to realize an effective and successful approach!

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