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European Alliance
for Hope and

We are the European Network of multidisciplinary approach
of genderbased, domestic violence and child abuse and
Family Justice Centers

Support program FJC Bonaire

May 9-11, 2022

A three-day support program by the EFJCA, aimed at the stakeholders, partners and involved organizations took place in Bonaire, with the aim of promoting further awareness processes and guiding the strategic planning for the establishment of the FJC.

During this program, themes such as the core, necessity and added value of a Family Justice Center were discussed with all relevant organizations from the legal, social and health sector, work is done on taking responsibility for safety and creating a tailor-made offer, roles of the organizations and professionals involved are coordinated. Specific topics are also discussed, such as dynamics in domestic violence and child abuse, trauma-informed approach, impact of specific forms of violence such as non-fatal strangulation, etc.