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European Alliance
for Hope and

We are the European Network of multidisciplinary approach
of genderbased, domestic violence and child abuse and
Family Justice Centers

Virtual EFJCA Network meeting

June 7, 2021

On the 2th of June, 105 participants of 25 countries registered for the online network meeting of the EFJCA. Bert Groen and Pascale Franck gave an overview over the activities of the EFJCA and a pitch of each of the 18 European FJCS.

Theory and Power of Hope

Chan Hellman inspired the whole group with his engaging speech on the Theory and Power of Hope. Gael Strack talked about the joint-venture we all share in empowering survivors of violence. Susan Williams shared the intentions and concrete plans to tackle gender based and domestic violence during the Biden-Harris presidency.

The next plans of the EFJCA

Valery Frey gave an insight in the activities and plans of the OECD and the working-together with the EFJCA in combatting violence. Marieta Toshieva told about the European Commission policy, activities and future in this domain. The participants got to meet each other in small break-out sessions. To end, Bert Groen tipped the audience on the next plans of the EFJCA, including two international conferences.