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Visit of the new Center Filomena in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and exchange meeting between FJC Antwerp and Center Filomena

November 5, 2021

In Rotterdam the center for domestic violence and child abuse, Filomena, recently opened in a beautiful and welcoming location. The Center brings together, in one location, everything needed to provide safety, physical (forensic) examination, medical treatment, intensive supervision and trauma treatment for survivors of domestic violence, gender based violence and child absue.

Cooperation is embedded

The Referral Center for Sexual Violence is located in the same building, so cooperation is embedded. Intensive casemanagement, the involvement of Voices and the possibility fo find peer group support is also available at Filomena.


The FJC of Antwerp and Filomena agreed on a joint-venture, to exchange good practices and knowledge, involvement in shared projects and more. A new sisterhood is born.