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Suns-Supporting Network for Survivors of Violence Against Women

Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture


Duration of the project
10 months

Summary of the project
The SUNS (Supporting Network for Survivors of Violence against Women) is focused on the development of a FJC (multi-agency center) in Crete, Greece. It aims at conducting an internal capacity-building (organization level, in which victim support professionals work with perpetrator work professionals in their common goal to follow the voice of the beneficiaries, aiming at maximizing the safety of survivors. Afterwards, the voice of the beneficiaries will be unfolded in direct, parallel sessions with them, in which professionals will grasp their perception of the existing mechanism regarding IPV/DV response.

The material gathered will be introduced to an external capacity building involving regional key stakeholders in IPV/DV in order to encourage deeper multi-agency collaboration on IPV/DV response. To conclude, for up-scaling the regional multi-agency model, communication and advocacy practices will be carried out.

Proposed activities

  • Multi-Agency Team at UWAH level.
  • Sessions with survivors and perpetrators of IPV & DV: Mainstreaming the “voice of beneficiaries” into up-scaling of services provision.
  • External Capacity Building on reinforcing multi-agency collaboration.
  • Modeling and advocacy of performance - Final Conference.