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Development of feasibility model of FJC/multidisciplinary center in Croatia

Society for Psychological Assistance


Duration of the project
8 months

Summary of the project
The proposed project will for the first time gather key community stakeholders who are tasked to tackling GBV/DV to work together in a timely and coordinated interdisciplinary manner to jointly work on developing a model of FJC / multidisciplinary center. The model will be based on the best practice experiences from The Netherlands and other countries where FJCs are already operational, adapting them to the Croatian legal framework and realities on the ground.

Working together as a task group key stakeholders (representatives of victim support services, organizations working with perpetrators, social welfare system police and justice system etc.) will enable identifying the obstacles and ways forward, and the developed model of a multidisciplinary center will, among other issues, include assessment of feasibility, acceptability, and sustainability of such a center.

Furthermore, stakeholders included in this process will have the opportunity through capacity building activities to improve their risk assessment for the safety of women victims/survivors and children and better recognize different faces of coercive control, including intimate partner terrorism, support victims and confront perpetrators.

The importance of trauma informed care will be emphasized among professionals in various stakeholder organizations that deal with victim/survivors, as well as guidance provided in how to introduce trauma informed care in their respective professional settings. Final feasibility model of multidisciplinary center will be widely disseminated among relevant stakeholders and professionals.

Proposed activities

  • Development of feasibility model of FJC/multidisciplinary center on GBV and DV
  • Capacity Building - Improving risk assessment.
  • Capacity Building - Coercive Control.
  • Awareness raising webinar -Trauma informed care.
  • Dissemination of the final feasibility model of multidisciplinary center widely disseminated through partners' online platforms and professional networks.